Dental Professionals - Help us meet our SMART About Tobacco: Smile SMART 2017/2018 Goal!

The Smile SMART project has a goal of getting commitments from 150 dental professionals to counsel  at least TEN patients each on the risks of tobacco use and secondhand smoke, and to using best-practices cessation counseling to help their tobacco-using patients quit.  Will you help us reach our goal?    No further steps are needed and you will NOT be contacted further unless you so choose, all you have to do is sign a pledge to talk with ten patients about tobacco. 

Please complete the brief, anonymous commitment form below if you are willing to help us so that we can track provider commitments.    

Visit the other tabs on our website to learn how you can be more involved in the Smile SMART research project or to request free materials.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to promote better health through tobacco-free living!


A Series of Programs

SMART about Tobacco is a series of best-practices programs with the aim of educating healthcare providers on best-practices for tobacco cessation for their patients.  SMART Moms specifically targets providers who see pregnant women in a clinical setting while Smile SMART specifically targets dental professionals who see any patients that use tobacco products, including electronic nicotine delivery devices, or ENDS.  

Coming soon: Everybody SMART about Tobacco which can be implemented by any healthcare provider and for all patients.

Healthcare providers who provide services to pregnant women

  SMART Moms – Smart Mothers are Resisting Tobacco is  an evidence-based intervention for healthcare providers who work with  pregnant smokers. Training and materials are offered through the  award-winning SMART Moms program at NO COST on a limited basis.  CMEs and CEUs are also available at no cost for a limited time.  Explore the website  to learn more about how YOU can make a difference in the lives of your patients, their unborn babies, and their families and to learn more about this best-practices, award-winning program.

Want to learn more?  Visit the "About" and "Getting Started" pages to learn more and to download a free tool kit.


Dental Providers with any tobacco-using patients

Smile SMART is a patient-centered smoking-cessation training program for  dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. It is an adaptation of the  highly-successful and award winning SMART MomsSmart Mothers are  Resisting Tobacco – program which trains providers who provide services  to pregnant women in smoking cessation best practices.  The goal of  Smile SMART is to empower dental professionals to use the evidence-based  5As (Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, Arrange) to encourage their patients  to quit smoking or decrease their tobacco use, and to reduce women’s and  infants’ exposure to secondhand smoke, ultimately reducing  tobacco-related preterm birth, low-birth weight, and other adverse birth  outcomes.   Dental providers participating in Smile SMART are encouraged to provide cessation counseling to ALL patients who use tobacco products, including electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDS).

Want to learn more?  Visit the "About" and "Getting Started" pages to learn more and to download a free tool kit.  Want to participate in the Smile SMART research project? Contact us for additional details!


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COMING SOON:  Everybody SMART about Tobacco

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