History of Smart about Tobacco

SMART about Tobacco is a series of tobacco cessation programs for Tennesseans.  

SMART about Tobacco includes a targeted program for providers who see pregnant women as well as a program for dental providers who see a variety of  patients who may use tobacco.  SMART Moms was Tennessee's first statewide prenatal tobacco cessation program which began with the pilot project in 2002. SMART Moms - also known as Smart Mothers are Resisting Tobacco- focuses on training healthcare providers on how to counsel their pregnant patients using best-practices tobacco cessation techniques.  SMART Moms was started as a piloted multi-year project in 2002 and continued as a funded project through 2006. The pilot program was developed for an by Tennesseans,  designed for, and with input from, Tennessee health department staff  across the state.  The program was also used by private providers who see pregnant women in their clinical practices and continues today as an online resource. It was piloted with over 13,000 Tennessee women from  all 95 Tennessee counties during the pilot project years and with input from women participating in focus groups throughout Tennessee.  We welcome other states who would like to use our online resources to implement the program in their state or to otherwise adapt to meet their needs.   

Initially a  collaborative project between the March of Dimes Tennessee Chapter,  Middle Tennessee State University’s Center for Health and Human  Services, and the Tennessee Department of Health, the S.M.A.R.T.  Moms project has trained upwards of 400 providers and educated  approximately 18,000 others on “best practices” smoking-cessation  techniques (5 As) for pregnant women, allowing them to counsel over  13,000 women during the pilot program. The program  has been modified and updated in 2014 and expanded to include a partnership with Marshall University's Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine.   

In 2017, Smart about Tobacco expanded to include dental providers who have a tremendous opportunity to impact the health of their patients oral health and overall health through tobacco-free living.  Through a March of Dimes Community Grant, Smile SMART is currently under development and will be implemented in select Tennessee counties during fall 2017 and spring of 2018.   We are pleased to partner with the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry and the Tennessee Department of Health's Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program  to offer Smile SMART.

Everyone Smart about Tobacco, a targeted program that can be used by ANY healthcare provider and with ANY patient, will be developed in 2018 as an expansion of SMART Moms and Smile SMART.

Too Many Tennesseeans Smoke

14.9% of women in Tennessee smoked throughout pregnancy   giving the state a ranking of 41 AND  it is estimated that 50 to 67 percent of children under five live in homes with at least one adult smoker.

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Help Your Patients Quit.

   The Surgeon General’s 2001 report on women  and smoking suggests that even brief interventions by  clinicians to assist in smoking cessation have a positive  effect, and that interventions have an impact independent  of whether the patient is interested in quitting smoking or  not.  

Source: Women and Smoking:  A Report of the Surgeon General, 2001.  www.cdc.gov.  Accessed 8/29/2017.